Grower Information

*This information is for our current growers only*

All paper work and spray records must be turned into the office before we accept your blueberries.

We have lugs available for rent, please come to our main office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

If you are interested in bringing in your blueberries please call the office for more information.

   * Receiving Hours: *

July 15- August 31: Monday through Saturday 8:00 Am – 7:00 PM. Sunday hours vary by season.

During harvest season receiving hours may vary without notice, please call the office 269-427-8675.

GAP Resources

Primus Labs website to create your own GAP manual:

North Carolina University Extension Document: “GAP Certification: Is It Worth It?”: Food_Safety_Risk/ag- 709%20final%20printed.pdf

Global GAP Fruit & Vegetables Resources: uk_en/for-producers/ crops/FV/

USDA GAP Audit Verification Checklist: getfile?dDocName= STELPRDC5091326

Michigan State University Extension Agrifood Safety Resources for Growers: resources.html

GAP Facts & Fiction good_agricultural_practices_gap_for_ food_safety_in_the_fruit_industry_facts

GAP for Food Safety In Blueberry Production blue_manual.pdf

“Are Small Farms Exempt From GAP?” are_small_farms_exempt_from_ good_ agricultural_practices_certification

Creating A Culture Of Food Safety On Your Farm: creating_a_culture_of_food_safety_on_your_farm

blueberry farm in fall with red bushes
not yet ripe blueberries on bush
semi truck at loading dock